Bullet Head Nails

Bullet head nails are a normal all-purpose type of nail with a diamond style point and plain shank. Bullet head nails have a small head so that you are able to punched below the timber surface and then after that filled. Bullet head nails are suitable and used for framing, planking and cabinetwork, formwork construction. When you are nailing bullet head nails into your timber drive it straight flush into the wood to avoid damaging and ruining your timber and also avoid brushing the timber.

Bright steel bullet head nails with small head, smooth shank and diamond point

Bullet head nails are suitable use for lining boards, framing, furniture, cabinet making, architraves and skirtings, and fixing particle boards.

Bright steel bullet head nail
Generally used in Hardwoods
Small head easily punched below timber surface

Bullet head nails diameter from 2.8mm to 4.5mm, length from 50mm to 100mm.

Items Size (mm) Length (mm) Diameter (mm)
BHN5028 50×2.8mm 50 2.8
BHN6528 65×2.8mm 65 2.8
BHN65315 65×3.15mm 65 3.15
BHN75375 75×3.75mm 75 3.75
BHN10045 100×4.5mm 100 4.5
BHN100375 100×3.75mm 100 3.75

Package: 5kg/ Box, or 15kg/box.

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