Galvanized Expanded Metal

Galvanized expanded metal comes from 0.050" thick sheet metal that is expanded. We stock Galvanized expanded metal in 300 to 500 foot coils. The Galvanized expanded metal is thin enough to be rolled by hand and pieces measuring over 4' in length will typically be rolled up for shipping purposes. 

With our Galvanized expanded metal the long way of the diamond runs along the width. We can typically cut pieces that are 10' or shorter to size along the width, but you will need to call a sales representative at 877-484-0088 to discuss that option. 

The galvanized expanded metal openings measure as follows: 

3/4" Mesh 
Short way of diamond opening = ~ 3/4" 
Long of diamond opening = ~ 1 3/4" 

Common uses for Galvanized expanded metal include architectural applications, chimney caps, animal guards, various types of filtration, concrete reinforcement, and used commonly in conjunction with sheet metal projects. Galvanized expanded metal would not be recommended for uses in grills, trailers, catwalks etc. since it isn't strong enough for those applications. 

Galvanized refers to a process that covers mild steel with a layer of zinc to provide good corrosion resistance. Galvanized sheet metal is a very common structural material used in the automotive industry, construction, bridges, frames, electrical towers, signs, air conditioning systems, appliance parts, high strength cables and many other uses. Galvanized metal is a great choice when low cost and relatively high strength are required.

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