Description: The newly developed product of our factory claw large mud turtle net, high temperature setting lining material does not usually use shells network reinforcement, carbon steel (A3F) shells net 0Cr13 material with special circumstances, when the first shells using the network welding the inner wall in the boiler or hot air, and then smear refractories.

Advantages: great mud claw shells hexagonal network, significantly enhanced the anchorage capacity and lining materials. Effectively enhance the performance of lining materials, the link itself, can easily control the heat insulation layer from the skin and the shedding phenomenon, to improve the combination of lining material fastness.

Material: lining for casting amorphous material effect on the lining material anchor

Optional material widely: available A simple carbon steel 0Cr13. 1Cr13.. 0Cr18Ni9. 1Cr18Ni9Ti, pitch 2cm-6cm, net thickness of 1cm-2.5cm, thickness 1mm-3mm

Mesh size, determined by the purchaser from all kinds of custom processing, there are many OEMs supporting co-production of metal parts, has a number of petrochemical equipment manufacturing enterprises and supply all kinds of lining metal structure, the production Products are widely used for large-scale petrochemical plant, especially the catalyst of the lining of the main equipment installation structure of one of the main components, which can improve the lining of the wear resistance and strength, wear-resistant lining is reinforced with a turtle net, the general parts of carbon steel (A3F) shells network, such as the reactor and secondary cyclone, U-tube regenerator flue, etc., high temperature alloy parts (1Cr13) shells network, such as the regenerator, and a, 2 cyclone, etc.. Turtle net 20 * 17.5 mm of flat steel with a red into the hexagonal grid, fixed in the holding screw terminal board.

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