Stainless Steel Twill Wire Mesh

Description: According to different weaving methods, stainless steel wire mesh could be divided into two types, stainless steel wire mesh square opening and stainless steel wire mesh Dutch weave. Stainless steel wire mesh square opening usually refers to stainless steel woven wire mesh, which could be further divided into square wire mesh plain weave and square wire mesh twill weave.

Weaving method: Stainless steel twill wire mesh is woven as follows. Each warp wire and weft wire passes over and under the two nearby wires successively in both the warp and weft directions. This over and under movement is shifted one wire with each pass of the shuttle.

Features: Stainless steel twill wire mesh has excellent properties, such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, heat resistance and anti-corrosion, etc.

Application: Stainless steel twill wire mesh has many good features, with those good properties it is extensively used in oil, food, and chemical processing; gas and liquid seperating; pharmaceuticals and spaceflight industry, etc.

Specification of Stainless Steel Twill Wire Mesh

Mesh Wire Dia.(MM) Opening (MM) Material (AISI)
250 0.040 0.063 316
300 0.040 0.044 316
325 0.035 0.043 316L
350 0.030 0.042 316L
400 0.030 0.033 316L
450 0.028 0.028 316L
500 0.025 0.026 316L
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